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Animation is really cute. Characters are clear. Not sure what the story was or the punchline was or what's going on, but it's cute.

albmoore responds:

Thanks! This is "episode" #11 in a series I've been doing and posting here. I'm keeping each one under 1 min to make them quicker to produce.

Art is great. Animation is expressive and cute.

Acting and sound is pretty crummy, and it takes the impact of the joke down a few pegs. Easy enough to find talented voice actors with decent sound set ups. Same with the record scratch sound effect- way too cliche. Good luck, though!

fascinating style! Hypnotic

Voice acting and sound could use a LOT of work

lpart responds:

Agreed, I'll be trying to polish that up moving forward! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Gorgeous Art

Pretty good for a style test. I'd love to see this expanded into something longer.

You actually made me laugh out loud at a Pickle Rick joke. I don't understand how, but maybe I shouldn't question it.

The style is overall pretty cliched, and doesn't stand out much among piles of "Newgrounds" stuff, but you still made it work.

Pretty good!

I just found one of my new favorite things :o

I'll have to watch it a few times over pick out all the jokes and references. Similarly, the background is so jam-packed that the stiff animation actually works in your favor. The characters felt REAL. Like the occupied real space, where as with something like Family Guy or Regular Show (the closest things I could compare your visual style to) is so simplistic that it's all obviously a cartoon. Way to keep six feet ahead of the viewer at all times :)

Honestly can't think of any gripes. I really hope to see you go mainstream soon.

slugstudios responds:

Wow, thanks so much! That's exactly the effect we wanted to go with for the set - a place that feels cozy and inviting and really sucks you in with all the little details

You got me to chuckle. Well done lol

The style is REALLY unique. If you pushed it further, it be a really neat niche to carve out. Everyone would know it was yours. It would look a bit stronger if each pose was more appealing, and you incorporated the 12 principles into each tween.

Overall, really good. Nice finding something that's actually funny

This is a really funny idea. Love how you captured the designs! How many times have you seen the show?

The execution could have been a lot stronger, and it would have helped the joke land. Especially the voice acting. Voice acting is probably the most important part of something like this.

Really enjoyed it! Looking forward to more.

Coolprinter responds:

I've seen eva 7 times.

I feel deeply, deeply uncomfortable. Cutting straight to emotion like that's an enviable skill.


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